Mauritius residency with IRS

An investor non citizen of Mauritius can obtain temporary or permanent residence in Mauritius with either the application for an occupation permit or the application for residence as a retired non citizen.

Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)

With the growing demand that Mauritius is facing from non-citizens to acquire residential properties, the government of Mauritius has introduced a real estate scheme known as the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS).

Characteristics of an IRS

  • An integrated resort scheme framework consist of luxurious property developments with deluxe amenities

  • Under the IRS, villas and other residential properties can be sold freehold

  • Prices vary between USD 500K and USD 3 million

  • Can be acquired by non residents of Mauritius

  • Can be acquired by an individual or via a domestic company

  • Can be acquired for private use or for rental investment

  • IRS projects have their own private golf course, marina and other sporting activities (horse riding...)

  • IRS projects usually have an adjacent hotel giving owners access to hotel amenities and entertainment

  • A choice of property type is available from apartments to villas

Benefits of acquiring an IRS property

  • Enables the proprietor to get de facto permanent residence in Mauritius for him and his dependents

  • Due to their exclusivity, there is good potential for investors to benefit from Capital Gains

  • Properties can be purchased off plan

  • With an hotel adjacent and possible rental agreements, the property will generate constant income

  • Banks in Mauritius are prepared to part finance acquisition of property (conditions apply)

  • A body corporate ensure proper maintenance of resort

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